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Kickin’ it with the Kiwanis Family

The Kiwanis Family Unity Project AKA The Eliminate Project

By Andrew Tom

If you developed a recipe to cure cancer right now, what’s the next step you’d take to save as many people as you can?

Cancer causes suffering, excruciating pain, and claims the lives of many who have yet to live life to the fullest.  In some parts of the world, maternal neonatal tetanus is just as deadly a disease.  The difference?  The preventative cure for tetanus is found.  There don’t have to be any more victims of tetanus, and the recipe to help mothers and their children cheat death is $1.80 worth of vaccines.

The Eliminate Project is a global campaign to save as many people as we can through these inexpensive vaccinations.  The best part?  This is no ongoing crusade - with $110 million dollars, everyone is protected.  Since the campaign began, the partnership between UNICEF and the Kiwanis Family has eradicated tetanus in 31 of 59 MNT stricken countries.

If you’ve ever been in the Kiwanis family, you are a member of this movement.  But we all know that being a member, and contributing as a member are two completely different things. Clubs around the world are saving more and more lives with every $1.80 donated.  We’ve been challenged to set goals and save as many people as we can, so the only question is – have you?

Putting the World in Perspective:

Circle K International Stats

·    CKI Fundraising total as of 8/26/13: $155,154.54 ($11.27 Per-Member Avg.)

CNH CKI District Stats

Since The Eliminate Project became our District Fundraising Initiative in 2011, we raised $30,201.02, saving 16,778 mothers and their babies:

·    2011 – 2012: $9,974.58 ($4.36 Per-Member Avg.)

·    2012 – 2013: $20,226.44 ($7.89 Per-Member Avg.)

So what should our clubs aim for?  We should aim to be above average!  Need a sample target? A good number is $12.60 per member = 7 Lives saved.  That’s higher than the international per-member average, and would total above $30,000 within our district next year.  Record-breaking to say the least.

Showcasing the Strength of the Kiwanis Family:

Just because some of these programs are signature of other branches doesn’t mean we can’t involve ourselves!  These programs present opportune times to show support for other K-Fam branches.  You could even collaborate on a joint project to inspire young service leaders, while helping eliminate tetanus in the process.

·    Global Service Society – Earn rewards, and “level up” your club by contributing to the Eliminate Project

·    Show Your Love, Save a Life – Valentine’s Themed, Eliminate Project fundraising day

·    Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF – Halloween Themed, Eliminate Project fundraising day.

·    Eliminate Week – Raise funds and awareness for the Eliminate Project for a week in May.

·    There’s even more ways to help – you just have to be creative.

 Don’t forget to share your success!

o   Submit to the Eliminate Blog & Get Your Club Recognized:

o   Learn all about the Kiwanis Family Eliminate fundraising programs and Recognition System:

Take Home

Right now, there is nothing more signature of the Kiwanis Family than the Eliminate Project.  The branches may support different causes, but this is one that unites us all.  So bring people together, network, collaborate, and serve under this unifying campaign, while it’s still a cause!  Want ideas or need help?  Contact district and international officers, and they will have your back.  It all begins when you take responsibility for the success of the Eliminate Project, because it wouldn’t be a movement without you.

When MNT is eliminated, don’t you want to say, “I helped eliminate tetanus worldwide,” or “I saved the lives of a duodecillion moms and kids?”  OK, maybe not that many, but still – the hopes and dreams of a couple future kids are riding on your part in this campaign.

You can do it!  Unite the Family.  The kids are counting on you.

Capital August DCM

Written by: Stephen Jin


On August 17th, I attended the Capital DCM and saw amazing Circle K’ers from all over Northern California and Nevada areas. Meeting new friends wasn’t even half the experience—having never been to a DCM outside of my home area (Paradise Division,) the vibe was very different to adapt to. The meeting ran very smoothly, and to top it all off there was even guest speakers and events lined up immediately afterwards that ran through the entire weekend! Luke Tanaka, Capital’s Lieutenant Governor, did an outstanding job running the meeting and introducing many guests from all over CNH, many of whom are current District board members.

The speakers were UC Davis’ Club Historian Adrienne Salvador and District Treasurer Garvey Su running a workshop talking about the ELIMINATE Project, and District Service Chair Katie Copsey speaking about this year’s District Service Initiative, anti-bullying. These workshops had loads of great information and educated the attendees without the lecture-like boredom that usually comes with listening to a presenter that college students are so accustomed to. To skew away from sitting and listening the entire time, attendees participated in socials including a geocaching event all over UN Reno, watching movies at a drive-in, and volunteering at a local animal restoration center that was recently affected by a flash flood.

These experiences not only added spice to the meeting, but gave time to bond and interact with members and educate them as well. Overall, I had a wonderful experience attending the Capital DCM and I hope to visit other divisions to see what they have in store as well!

Sac State CKI Kiwanis Family Relations Chair

By: Bianca Posada

Hello! I’d like to spotlight the Sac State CKI Kiwanis Family Relations Chair, Seng Khang!

On September 7, Seng hosted a Think Tank for Hiram Johnson Key Club, Florin Key club, and West Campus Key club. Think Tank is an event to help the executive boards of these key clubs set goals for their upcoming year. They focus on balancing their academic goals in conjunction with their goals as board members, and for their clubs. This is a also a great opportunity for the Key Clubs to get advice from Circle K’ers on anything they may need help with. As the President of Sac State CKI, I was definitely proud to see Seng work so well with our Kiwanis Family, and work so hard to help them on their journey of becoming service leaders!

I’m so proud of you Seng! You are a leader! A leader, leader, leader!

Circle K Spotlight: Speak, Stand, and SOAR!!

By Karl Resurreccionimage

In order for me to explain why I joined Circle K, I must recall back to when I was in High School and when I first joined the Kiwanis Family. I was shy, hesitant, and almost completely nervous to speak up in class, to make new friends, and to adjust to the transition. I am referring back to these moments because once I graduated from junior college, I felt the same; hopeless, lost and in need to rebuild all over again. It was not until the end of my first year at Los Angeles City College where I was reminded by my colleagues, kin, and complete strangers that though life has its imbalances; it is up to us to make the necessary adjustments on the scale.

And I knew for a fact that there were changes, both internally and externally, that needed to be made within myself and in the community. I joined Key Club because the Kiwanis Family saw potential in me back in high school. Just last year, I chartered and joined Circle K because I saw the potential and the impact it can have on the students, my school, and the community.

It was that sense of teamwork and commitment that I wanted to embark on and be a part of. I am very humble and I do appreciate everyone I have encountered in my life and in Circle K as well as the people I have yet to meet  because without their direct and indirect influence, I wouldn’t be the same person I am now. I continue to be a part of Circle K because of the inspirational stories and experiences that others have shared with me. Their stories, like yours and mine, are just as important and they should be heard.

I love Circle K because when you speak; you are heard, understood from where you stand to when you finally SOAR!